I have always been picky when it comes to romance and dating. But my preferences were simple and bold. I saw other people had a long list of requirements for an ideal partner including a certain income, a height and age bracket and ethnicity. 

Despite their high standards I saw people struggling to find someone who met their strict criteria. 

And they feel like no one measured up to their expectations. I felt like they were searching for a needle in a haystack. 

It was then I came up with an idea of creating a tool to calculate the chances of finding a partner that could meet all the requirements. 

When I researched there were already a few tools with their credibility being questioned widely. 

I worked into this and spent months collecting all the data from various sources including United States Census Bureau surveys, NCHS national surveys and CPS surveys.

When I finished working with algorithms and testing them for optimal accuracy and preciseness results were a mix of shock and delight. 

My calculator worked far well in terms of accuracy of results and finding the probability percentage alongside other suggestions that could lead to finding an ideal partner. 

If you too give it a try, results will help you better understand your criteria and let go of some of the rigid expectations. Eventually you would be able to find more luck in dating and romance. Not only that you’ll be able to find happiness and fulfillment in your relationships that might have been not there previously. 

Seeing its success and preciseness I also worked on creating a female delusion calculator to help females around there to reconstruct their ideal partners and know the probability of finding them.

Now you can find a perfect match for yourself and take your step towards finding your love today.

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